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Beer Yeasts

Get your Beer Yeasts with Wine Online.

Beer yeast is a crucial ingredient when it comes to homebrewing beer. It is a living organism that converts the sugars in the beer wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide during the fermentation process. With the right yeast, homebrewers can achieve their desired beer style and flavor. At Wine Online, we carry a wide variety of beer yeast strains to meet the needs of every homebrewer.

One of the most popular beer yeast strains we offer is the American Ale yeast. This yeast is perfect for brewing American-style ales such as IPAs, pale ales, and amber ales. It ferments quickly and produces a clean, neutral flavor profile that allows the hops and malt to shine through. Another popular option is the Belgian Ale yeast, which is perfect for brewing Belgian-style beers such as saisons and tripels. This yeast produces spicy, fruity flavors and a dry finish.

For those looking to brew classic English-style ales, we recommend our English Ale yeast. This yeast strain produces a fruity, slightly sweet flavor profile with a moderate level of attenuation. It is also known for its ability to flocculate, which means that it will settle to the bottom of the fermenter after fermentation is complete, making it easier to clarify the beer.

In addition to these popular beer yeast strains, we also carry a wide variety of specialty yeast strains for those looking to experiment with unique beer styles. For example, our Munich Helles yeast is perfect for brewing crisp, clean German lagers, while our Kveik yeast is ideal for brewing Norwegian farmhouse-style ales.

No matter what style of beer you want to brew, Wine Online has the perfect beer yeast strain for you. All of our yeast is carefully packaged and stored in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure maximum freshness and viability. Browse our selection today and start brewing your perfect beer!

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